HQ Clarifying Serum
HQ Clarifying Serum
HQ Clarifying Serum

HQ Clarifying Serum

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• HQ Clarifying Serum treats dark spots (hyperpigmentation) and melasma.

• The serum provides skin brightening and lightening and encourages collagen production.

• Containing powerful correctors, it reduces discoloration, dark spots, and aging spots.

• It clarifies and brightens skin texture and tone.

• Contains 2% Hydroquinone and retinol.

HQ Clarifying Serum is a very effective dark spot treatment. It contains retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, ascorbic acid, 2% hydroquinone, and pycnogenol. These key ingredients help to smooth out skin tone. It also improves skin texture and reduces pigmentation.

The serum exfoliates while at the same time rejuvenating the skin.

Sophisticated packaging with a swivel top for easy closure makes it convenient for travel.

pro tip: starting out use every other day PM only. For 2-4 weeks then  daily PM only 2-4 weeks then on spots only 2-4 weeks, PM only.